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Learn How To Swap Your ‘Fat’ Thoughts For ‘Thin’ Ones

Learn How To Swap Your ‘Fat’ Thoughts For ‘Thin’ Ones

Learn How To Swap Your ‘Fat’ Thoughts For ‘Thin’ Ones If you had to say what you were most grateful for in life, what would you say? Would you say your friends, your family, your house or even your job?
For the majority of us our answer would perhaps be any of the above, but one thing that many of us would never think to be grateful for is our body.
When we consider how much our bodies actually do for us; their strength, their flexibility, their healing abilities… the lack of gratitude and love that we show for our bodies is actually deeply disturbing.

Our bodies are continually performing miracles on a daily basis; they are the one thing that we are born into this world with – so why so much hate? It is not uncommon for people to take their bodies and their miraculous capabilities for granted, however this is a relatively small problem compared to the hate or even disgust that some people feel toward their bodies on a daily basis.

In a modern society where so much emphasis is placed on our external appearance, it is no wonder that some people become consumed with hatred for what they see in the mirror and hold onto an unrealistic perception of how they think they should look.

A common complaint amongst those who are looking to lose weight are often heard repeating the same things ‘I hate my  bum/stomach/legs…I put weight on so easily…It’s impossible to lose weight’. And herein lays the problem!

As we are already aware, the law of attraction is always working to expand on our thoughts and bring them into manifestation in greater abundance. Therefore, when you are thinking these ‘fat’ thoughts the universe is simply supplying you with more of what it thinks you want.
As the universe ‘expands’ your thoughts, so does your waistline! The answer is meditation…

Remember, the law of attraction is a universal law and therefore perfect. You do not need to find a way around the law or cunning means to trick it; you simply need to remember that thoughts equal things. Learn how to ask for your perfect body and have faith in the universe to provide you with what you ask for, and half of the battle has already been won.
So scrap the diets and read on for the first step in learning how to ditch those ‘fat thoughts’ and obtain your perfect body – without having to starve yourself!


There are countless benefits to be had from meditation; many of which are extremely effective for aiding weight loss. A regular meditation practice can not only teach you how to calm the mind in order to relax the body, but can also be effective for helping you to better visualize your goals, helping you to fuel your vision for health with positive energies.
Whatever you’re able to see and hold onto in the mind’s eye, you can manifest into your physical reality. So – use meditation to create a strong visual image of your future healthier and happier self. Let this vision be the anchor that keeps you committed and driven in your quest for absolute love and body-acceptance.

Get Chummy With Your Tummy

Are you tired of continually resisting your weight and your body? Instead of waging a constant war with your body, why not offer it up a white flag of surrender and learn to be friends with your body once again.

When you really stop and think about it, your body does so much for you; from your vastly intricate nervous system, to the steady flow of blood coursing from your heart right down to the very tips of your toes … you should stop seeing your body as the enemy and start seeing it for what it really is – a miraculous creation!

Say ‘Thank You!’

Gratitude has a vital part to play in being happy. Therefore, being thankful for your body and everything that is does for you may seem like a small step but it can prove a massive leap in improving self-esteem and aiding weight-loss.

Whether its gratitude for the legs that take you places, the lungs that allow you to keep living or your eyes that enable you to see the faces of those that you love – try saying ‘thank you’ once in a while and things may begin to not look so bad after all.

Love It To Lose It

Finally, the only way you are going to begin taking your first steps towards weight loss is by learning to love what you have already got. This may sound like a cliché, but the more you resist your weight and focus solely on all of the fat that you see in the mirror, the stronger the negative frequencies will be that you are unknowingly sending off to the universe. And the universe will respond to these thoughts in the only way it knows how – by manifesting these thoughts for you in two-fold.

So, start loving what you see in the mirror; spend some time every day looking and liking what you see and imagine you already have the perfect body. 
When all of your actions and your thoughts are screaming out ‘I LOVE MY BODY’ this is the only thing that the universe will hear.
Make weight watching a distant memory! Enjoy having the body you have always craved – simply because you said so.

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