Thursday, July 13, 2017

7 Common Traits of Toxic People

7 Common Traits of Toxic People 

You already know that getting rid of toxic people in your life is the key to happiness.
That much is clear.
But how do you know who’s really toxic and who isn’t?
Is your friend who always tries to one-up you toxic? Or are they just competitive?
It can be tough to figure out, but there’s no need to worry. Today we’re going to through the 7 most common traits of toxic people.
Because over the last few days I’ve been reading up on these soul-sucking vampires and I want to share with you everything I learned.
Here we go…

1) They Never Take Responsibility

If they’re feeling angry about something, this will always be projected onto you and your life. They will make it about you and how their emotions are present because of something you’ve done.
For example, they might be mad about something at work but are going to take it out on you.
They will never accept this as reality and will continue to rage. In fact, they will be ready to defend their perspective to the end if that is what it takes.
It is important to note this and not get into a war of words.
It is better to separate yourselves and notice this immediately.

2) They Are Manipulative

They will have a goal in mind, and that is going to occur regardless of your opinion. In fact, they might not even ask you about it. They will try to force you into doing something that favors their life.
You will never get anything in return while in this relationship. They could care less about what you wish for.
If you ask for something, they will push it away and remain unwilling to the end. They will ensure every tactic in their arsenal is used to manipulate you and your emotions.

3) They Never Apologize

Why would they apologize if it’s never their fault? This is what races through their mind, and it becomes impossible to have a coherent conversation with a person in such a state of mind. They will refuse to acknowledge their mistakes, and if you bring them up, they will blame you for wasting their time or are going to accuse you for the problems.
It will never get to the state where an apology makes its way through. This can be a disconcerting feeling but one a toxic person is going to ensure you feel at one stage or another.

4) They Are Judgmental

They will judge you every step of the way. Whether it’s your career, love life, clothes, or the food you’re eating, they will be there to criticize. The attention will never move towards their choices because they’ll be busy with putting you down. This becomes a common occurrence as they feed off of your perceived failures.

5) They’ll Make You Defend Yourself

They will always deflect to you. This means if you are having a debate with them, they will start to pick on things you have done. This could be something as simple as the tone of your voice.
They will state, “Why are you shouting so much?” because that is an excellent way of deflecting the attention.
You will be taken aback and might even defend your tone because you’re not a toxic person. This is what they require, and they will continue to press on this point until you forget what the main argument was about. It is an excellent way of manipulating you to weasel out of a terrible situation.

6) They Never Support You

This is a common reality as they’re so lost in their toxic ways. They will refuse to encourage, support, or care for those around them. They would rather discourage as it brings satisfaction to them.
If they notice you are making progress, they will try to bring you down by picking out faults.
It is important to note each relationship is unique and people can have these qualities without being “toxic.” It has to be a combination of these traits for you to become worried about the person and what they mean to you. Never sell yourself short and keep an eye out for those who spend a lot of time with you.
If you’re doubtful, start to weigh the pros and cons to see if this is a relationship worth fighting for.

7) They Are Inconsistent

It’s difficult to work out who you’re with when you’re with a toxic person. They can change their opinions and life narrative in an instant if it suits them. It all depends on what they need to accomplish and what they want to happen. Honesty means nothing to them.
This post is meant as a general overview of what a toxic person is like. Relationships are complex and it may not be easy to deal with toxic people until you have learned from previous interactions.
But the bottom line is this:
If you feel bad about yourself as a result of a relationship with someone, it’s time to take step back and assess the situation.
They might never change, but you can. You can limit your time with this person and never look back.


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