The top habits that are making you fat are: You look for the words “Low-Fat” on the label or product, You are eating right out of the package, You love artificial sweeteners, You skip meals very often and you are probably not drinking enough water. By taking action on the above, you will begin to see your weight drop, energy increase and optimal health will be yours.

Every day we all make decisions about what to eat. And these choices, can be made with every effort to prevent weight gain or other choices we make without even realizing the potential that they can wield in wreaking havoc with our weight and our health.

The Top 5 Habits That Make You Fat


You Look For The Words “Low-Fat” On The Label Or Product

You remember the low-fat food craze 30 some years ago? It has not left. The majority of people I see focus solely on the fat grams and/or the calories. Of course the amount of food you take in, if in excess, will lead to weight gain. But if you are hoping that low-fat will make you leaner, it won’t. 

In fact, low fat makes you fat. Why? Because most low-fat products have highly inflammatory fillers such as sugar and white flour that are metabolized quickly, creating low-level inflammation – causing a spike and drop in blood sugar and the resulting rebound hunger or cravings. Low-level inflammation creates FatFlammation – the core cause of weight gain.

You Are Eating Right Out Of The Package

If you park in front of the TV and, for example, you have a bag of healthy (or not so healthy) chips with you – stop doing that. Why? When you are distracted, your potential to not realize how much of those chips you are eating is extremely high. How many times have you had that bag in hand or any other food, and realized that it was half gone, almost gone or…gone?

The next time you want a snack while watching TV, dole out your moderate portion size and take that with you – not the bag.